becca (blitheandbitter) wrote in youngjudaea,

hey guys. i'm going on year course in september but i've never done anything related to YJ before. is there anything i need to know? how should i prepare? what's it like? and is it cliquey because either it just is, or because other people will already know each other???

thanks for any input you have

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I'm going on Year Course too and I have been out of the YJ scene for years, so I won't know anyone either. So, don't worry. We're Jews, so inherently a lot of the people there will be evil, but the others will be cool.
im going also :o). its nice to find an LJ community young judaea related. have you gone to the orientation yet?
no... i'm going to orientation next week (july 15-17) in ny. i'm really excited!!!
yeah me also!
Im going to the same orientation.
you should IM me: theartofloafing